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A True Cape Cod female meaning 90% of them are a complete waste of time. They usually all end their relationships before summer so they can be complete sluts. They cant think for themselves. If their friends dont like somebody they have to not like them as well or they will be rejected and they cant handle that. You never want to piss one off either because her and her whole group of friends will go extremely far out of their way to make sure you cant have a relationship with anybody else. It's not like they have anything better to do. Most of them have bad drug problems as well and are so dependant on the material things their parents have bought for them that they look down on anybody that has to struggle to make ends meet while they're driving around in their mom or dads car. They are in search of a stable place to stay thats not their parents but where they can fuck and party and they dont believe in love they will leave you in a second to bounce on the next cock with more money.
I went to the cape and all i got was fucked over by some cape cod female.
by Righteous1 June 20, 2008
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