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A cause of unfathomable disappointment for Nintendo fans last console generation. These were five Capcom games announced to be exclusive to the Gamecube in 2003 and the cause of much hope that finally there would be some more quality mature-rated titles that would shatter the Gamecube's kiddy image and boost console sales: Product Number 03, Dead Phoenix, Viewtiful Joe, Resident Evil 4, and Killer 7. Due to factors (reportedly) beyond Capcom's control, most of these games did not remain exclusive. It started when the first of the Five, PN03, bombed with the critics. Capcom somehow interpreted that as a hint that the Gamecube was a bad console (instead of blaming themselves for making a bad game) and promptly CANCELLED Dead Phoenix. Later RE4 and Viewtiful Joe were ported to the graphically inferior though more popular PS2 (and were therefore downgraded in quality) after enjoying an all too brief exclusive limelight on the GCN, and Killer 7 saw simultaneous release on the GCN and PS2. For some odd reason Capcom didn't see fit to port those games to the PC or Xbox (except for RE4 on PC). Sony's servile 100 million+ strong fan base didn't care that they'd be getting games optimized for a different console that would look and sound much crappier on a PS2, they only cared that they wouldn't have to buy a Gamecube to enjoy those games (or ports of games, rather). To further add salt to the wound for Ninty supporters, exclusive PS2 content was added to the ports of RE4 and Viewtiful Joe.
Had it not been for the Capcom Five failing to remain exclusive, Ninty's home console would've done MUCH better last gen.
by Obi-Wan Jabroni August 31, 2007
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