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The Canton Foot is a type of dance move that originated from Canton, in Cardiff South Wales in 2007/08. The move itself involves lifting one foot off the ground whilst simultaneously and in time with the music, pointing the index finger and middle finger up into the air.

Many have claimed to be the originator of the Canton Foot (Charlotte Church claimed to have started the craze in an interview with OK magazine in 2007), but the most likely candidate is Josh Williams (aka Joseph Williams, aka Dark Horse, aka Black beauty, aka AKA, aka Canton Foot, aka 2 Finga) who, it is said, unleashed the move on November 18th 2007 at the Goscombe Pub, Canton where it is still commonly seem every Friday and Saturday night.
girl 1: look at that boy over there. what is that he's doing???

girl 2:what it is righ... thats the canton foot
by beng@y January 30, 2009
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