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To canoodle is to cuddle, pet, caress, etc. fondly.

A sandwich is a food item usually consisting of more than one (most likely three) layerable food.

A hoagie is very much like a sandwich (and is considered to be a kind of one by many) but is different in the sense that they consist of a much greater number of layers of food.

A canoodling sandwich consists of three people fondly caressing, snoggling, cuddling each other in one place at one time.

A canoodling hoagie is much like that of a canoodling sandwich but with much more people (usually four to ten).
As I passed by the seating area during cocktail hour, I witnessed Emma and Dustin cuddling in the corner of one of the couches. Greg saw them and joined in on the action. I walked away.

Roughly thirty minutes later, I passed by again, but this time, Ken, Juliette, Tim, Helena, Colin, and Hugh had all found their places on the couch. The canoodling hoagie had been formed and didn't seem like it was going to dissipate any time soon.
by ReeseSondheim June 30, 2009
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