This term denotes a person who was not originally born in Scandanavia, but is of Scandanavian descent and refers to countries like Norway, as their home. These people are characterized by many attributes such as:
- Blonde hair
- Troll-phobia (which accounts for their fear of bridges as well)
- Desire to collect troll memorabilia
- Literacy rate of 100%
- Desire to utter UFF DA whenever feeling slightly dissapointed or upset.
- Scandalous nature
- Insatiable love for the Vikings of Norway such as Eric the Red
- And among many others, the ability to eat Lutefisk, a native codfish soaked in lye, and actually enjoy it.
Oh that canned lutefisk is such as sketchy kid, I mean just look at him.
by Brain February 3, 2005
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