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People who have slept with the same person
Hey did you hear that Cory and Mike are Canadian Cousins?
No way!
Yeah, that girl Laura has made a lot of guys Canadian Cousins.
by db420eh July 30, 2010
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When you and someone else have both gotten to second base with the same person.

Not to be confused with Eskimo Brother or Eskimo Sisters, in which the two people have had sex with the same person. Or with Minnesotian Twins, in which two people have simply kissed the same person.
Steve: Dude I was making out with Nikki yesterday and she let me put my hand under her shirt.
Evan: No way! I got to second base with her last week.
Steve: Canadian Cousins!
*high five*
by NotAnImposter December 21, 2016
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