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Otherwise abreviated as CCC. A series of comics drawn by two Sophmores in Yorkville High School. These comics include 4 main characters, Kyle, Dane, Aaron, and Derik, but usually if not always include other characters. These comics are nonsense and very random and very funny as well. They normally make fun of things going on in the world, ex. War On terrorism. It is to be noted that these comics have nothing to do with Canadians or Chubacabras. Also note that Chubacabrsa is spelled wrong. We really dont care and meant to spell it that way. We do have a web site, Everything is Copyrighted. Please come see it. You'll like it. We promise. Actually we're desperate. But still come visit. Please. We need the publicity.....We have a forum and wallpaper as well as comics!
First Kid - Have you seen that new Canadian Chubacabra Comics?

Second Kid - Canadian Chuba-what?

First Kid - You know, those comics drawn by those two kids.

Second Kid - Never heard of it.

First Kid - Yeah me neither.

by Thumbs4all December 02, 2006
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