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A camping noob otherwise known as a camper is usually either new at the game or lacking greatly in skill. The Call of Duty franchise has many camping noobs that play the game. The camping noob will refer to the camping as strategy or tactical. Most often the camper will chose a weapon that takes no skill whatsoever such as an AA12 (Auto shotty) or an M16 with a noob tube. Camping noobs are at the bottom of the gaming ladder, clutch players at the top and everything else in the middle. Most camping noobs think they are good for god knows what reason.
Camping Noob-"You guys are horrible, running around like a chicken with your head cut off."

Clutch Player-"I guess thats why I went 64-12 and you went 5-0, get good scrub."
by Assopopalus June 17, 2010
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When a player on call of duty stays in one area of the map and waits for opposition to come to them.. once the player is killed the camper will slightly alter there position so when the opposition attempts a revenge kill they are killed again.
My mate just spent an hour and a half sat in one spot desperately trying to put up a tent

Camping noob.
by marceckodude September 16, 2010
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