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The shittiest base to live on. No commissary, the chow hall blows, the gym is always too full. The PX is too damn small. Home to the stupid ass 9th ESB. The chick to dick ratio in Camp Hansen is about 1:100. The only form of entertainment is Kin Town, in which you can get fucked up, or just get fucked. Most Marines choose to EAS after their first 4 years after staying at this god forsaken camp.
Marine 1: Dude Camp Foster is Amazing, i love being in Okinawa.
Marine 2: Fuck you man i'm stuck on Camp Hansen, the most fun i had was getting my dick tugged at Golden Safari and throwing up in Rock America.
by killermccoy February 14, 2012
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Any place in a social environment where the male to female ratio is worse than 50:1. Similar to sausage fest. The main difference being that the one female, that is present, who is clearly a 3 out of 10, thinks she is a 9, because the 50 guys are hitting on her, out of sheer desperation, until they move on to the next place where there are plenty of good looking women, and when the 3 moves back to that place she now realizes that she is a 3 and is ugly as hell.
Dude, there's like one chick here. This place is a total Camp Hansen. Let's find somewhere else.
by panamared275 July 07, 2012
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