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Located in Palmyra, VA. The best camp in the world.

A place where everyone always has a water bottle, sunscreen, & bug spray. Everyone looks forward to snack bar because you can get almost any candy or soda. Most people are either athletes, artists or musicians. Tony the Tiger Grace is the best because it's the shortest. Color Wars is the most intense competition ever. Evening activities are always looked forward to. People freak out whenever they get a care package. Becoming "Camper of the week" is the greatest honor in the world. When you stay multiple weeks, you act like you're better than the "newbies". No one cares if you're a little bit different. You could be in a cabin with someone from France, Brazil, and Australia and there's nothing weird about it. You know the CF song, Music Man, This Little Light of Mine, and Boogieman songs by heart. There's intense war between SV1 and SV2, as well as Junior Girls and Junior Boys. You can't wait to be a CIT. All you know about Equestrian Camp is that they ride horses. This camp is the best.
Friend 1: What are you doing this summer?
Friend 2: Going to Camp Friendship, the BEST CAMP EVER!
Friend 3: No way, me too!!!
by Haley Rainer April 28, 2012
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