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The modern definition for such an arrogant asshole is duck ass. A duckass is a person who is full of them selves. Cameron Pearsons are usally really good looking with a body of hotness. If you ever meet a Cameron you may instintaly fall in love and think your life is complete. Cameron's will tell you every very thing you wanna hear and then turn around and stab you in the back. They will make you so happy and make lots of promises they will eventually break, like stealing, ruining relationships, over eating, underestimating, over exaggerating. Cameron is likely to have stunning hair and a lack of respect. Never trust one. You may think you can tell them anything but really when you don't know they are telling people everything you never wanted anyone to know like, your eating habits, Text messages, or even passwords to bank accounts.

No matter what stay always from Cameron especially a Cameron Pearson.
JOE: My day was awful yesterday, I was with the asshole Cameron Pearson!
by How blow names March 27, 2017
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