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Camelot Dr is home to the infamous Camelot Park Crips. Camelot is known for the notorious and infamous Camelot Housing Projects. Camelot Dr is home to some of the most infamous crips in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Some of the most known crips are Otis Nelson, Kenneth Carter, Paul Carter and Ahmad Williams who all are doing life in prison and who all had their crime invlove a police officer. The Camelot area has the 2nd highest murder rate in Grand Rapids, Michigan 1st is the Franklin area. You can ID a Camelot Park Crip by a White Sox Hat, wearing blue or by wearing blue rags around their necks. Camelot is also the place where most police officers are assaulter or killed in Grand Rapids, Michigan.
Camelot Dr is the most ghetto place in Grand Rapids, Michigan.
by Chief. Andre Blue February 08, 2007
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