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Another more coded way to say camel toe. Usually used when shouting it across a group of old people
Teacher: "What is that song you're listening to?"

Student: "It's called camellia two by fanny pack"
lyrics of song: "First day of spring and by the look of things
These girls have forgot how to dress

A little to quick wearing pum-pum shorts
And it's causing me much distress

Whoomp there it is!
Ya’ll right in the front
Everybody come and get a good look
I can see everything through the panty cling, every cranny, and every nook
You better take a quick minute before you step outside

Check the area thats pubic
Or you’ll get your panties all up in a bunch
All twisted up like rubic
Take these words of advice cause its not very nice

I wanna put you all in the know

Girls don't sleep don't let your pants creep
Watch out for the camel toe"
by fanny pack lover March 03, 2010
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