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Camelbach Music. A Rap song written by Jon Muru and A Mizz (aka Aidan Monk) using a instrumental produced by M.Will the Shogun. The song came baout when the two visit Tunisia and Rode Camel back across the Sahara Desert. The Song Maybach Music by Rick Ross Inspired the song also. The song Camelbach Music is not available to purchase.
It is yet unknown if the song will feature on a mixtape by either Jon Muru or A Mizz.

Also Meaning New. Becos it is NEW!

It can be rhyming slang for Bullshit, because the song was written as proof that the rode camel back in the Sahara Desert
talking about an object? - That is So Camelbach Music!

after being offended - Don't talk to me! Your So Camelbach Music right now!
by Jon Muru May 12, 2009
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