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The pro-wrestling move used by the Iron Sheik in 70s and 80s. The opponent would be laying on their stomach on the ground, and the Iron Sheik would sit on their back, clutch the opponents chin with both hands locked together, and pull back in hopes of submission. The Iron Sheik famously defeated champion Bob Backlund with this move and Hulk Hogan was the first to break the hold and went on to win the title from the Iron Shiek.
"Yo, if you see Hogan break the camel clutch and ram the Sheik against the turnbuckle?"
by Steve1234 November 13, 2006
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A sexual finishing move where a male sits atop a female's back before having an orgasm. In this move, the male locks his fingers underneath the female's chin and pulls up as hard as he can while blowing a nut. Typically this move is combined with another move called the Fishook, or better, the Double Fishook.
Sarah: "Did you hear about what happened to Amy last night?"

Micah: "Did he try another sex move again?"

Sarah: "Yeah, Barry gave her the Camel Clutch and she can't keep her head straight anymore!"

by McChopper December 18, 2008
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A Monkey Bite (look it up) performed on a female.
Man, she must really like that guy, b/c he just gave her a wicked camel clutch and she simply laughed. That, or she is laughing at the monkey bite that he received before he gave her the camel clutch.
by David G December 02, 2003
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