1) (adjective) Having an ass of Cambodian decent, which as a rule must fit the description of a badunkadunk. These hot rumps are bootylicious, and have been known to tan very well. Those not of or not fully of Cambodian decent are still describable as "Cambodian Wannabooty," however, the badunkadunk factor is not taken into account, to accomodate the less well-endowed.

2) (noun) Can be used to describe 1 - 1,000,000 women, provided that any of said women are of Cambodian decent (thereby adding a Cambodian Booty to the group), or at least are exotic and packin' badunkadunk.

3) (verb) A Cambodian Booty givin' it to you like nobody's business. Generally results in sore hips, pulled muscles and other short- to long-term injuries. Has, in at least one incident, been fatal. The term "Cambodian Wannabootied" does not exist, as only getting True Cambodian Bootied is worth mentioning in such high regards.
1) "Hey, yo - get your pimp glasses on, cuzz... The honey workin' that block has a cambodian booty of a badunkadunk..." (verb)

2) "Man, G! You missin' out! I'm on da club flo' wit' Cambodian Booty for days!!!!" or "There ain't enough Cambodian Booty on Earth to feed my snake's hunger..."(noun)

3) "Dude, Chanta was layin' her milkshake thick yesterday - so I took her to a movie and she cambodian bootied me in the theater! I had to come back with a shocker and a roto-rooter special... I thought she was just a tease, but once she put it in my hands, that badunkadunk was too phat to put down!!"
by Corndawg 'N' Fries October 05, 2004
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