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Someone who hates on Camaros, especially 4th gen, these individuals tend to drive ricers, impalas, Dodge trucks, newer toyota camry, Ford Trucks, crappy grand ams, and extremely beat up small Toyota Trucks, sometimes beat up Vans too. They will tailgate this 350hp ss to piss off the individual in the camaro, or, they will make this fugly face and shake their head at the beast. These camaro haters work in fields such as landscaping, construction, electrical, and any other profession which doesn't require a college education.
Redneck: "I hate that fucker in that SS, he's so cool"

Camaro owner: "That stupid Camaro hater skinhead probably had a hard day mowing lawns and eating grass, I should switch lanes."
by BunnyforLive02 October 13, 2010
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