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Comaro Syndrome is a serious disease that is caused from lack of knowledge and money. Some symptoms are, Cant afford a real American car like the (Ford Mustang) so they settle for a knock off. Many Camaro owners also have no idea what there talking about and cant get laid cause they are usally ugly and having a camaro doesn't help there chances at all.
The Camaro Syndrome usually Consist in the owners having extremely small dicks or even a large pussy!

This Disease is highly Contagious
Some Examples of Camaro Syndrome.

Camaro Owner-You want a ride in my new car? Girl-What kind is it? Camaro Owner- A Camaro. Girl- Yeah ok, get a real car you pussy.

Camaro Owner- Check my Camaro out. Girl- O nice, im guessing you couldn't afford a real American car like a Ford Mustang?
by Camaros are for pussys February 21, 2011
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