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Calvin M. Woodward High School is a public high school located in the north side of Toledo, Ohio, that was built in 1928. Woodward is part of the Toledo City School District.The Woodward Polar Bears wear blue and white for athletics and chose their nickname because they are located in the north end of Toledo. In 2010, the building that Woodward's neighborhood had called home since 1928 was replaced by a newer facility located on the same property. Woodward has a bad reputation for being ghetto, full of drugs, and violence; but in all honesty is an amazing school with an amazing band, and amazing teachers.
Friend 1: Man I aint goin' to Woodward that shit is fucking crazy I'll get stabbed.
Friend 2: I went there and it's honestly not scary or different from any other high school. I love Calvin M. Woodward Highschool!
by Kay Siii July 08, 2012
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