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A person of whom, when drunk, runs around making pinch harmonic sounds with his mouth. Also found to be regularly quoting McLovin and being mildly casually racist. Has many awesome catchphrases like, but not limited to: 'Let's do this Marines', 'That dugs got tits', 'Aww yeah Boy Boy', 'I fucking hate ma wife' and 'Planting claymore'. A Callum Hall is a pure fucking beast at dancing the dance of Hari Krishna, he has also been known to drunkenly dance to Billie Jean and fight in hallways topless. Is also fucking dope on the mic with his original CoD 4 rap that is so awesome it should be in the charts.
Person A: Fuck, is that a Callum Hall?
Person B: Judging by how hard he's grabbing his crotch while moonwalking with a pint in his hand shouting about UAVs and claymores, I'd say, yes.
Person A: That is one awesome guy. I'm so privileged to be in his company. No homosexual feelings insinuated you understand.
by Freakinbeast April 11, 2013
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