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A smaller middle school, built in the 1930's to school Junior High students in the Sacramento area. This school is known for its outstanding STAR test scores as well as its titles for National Championships in debating. The teachers located there are experienced, some teachers deriving from Ivy League schools in the East Coast. The students there are a mix of preppies, wangstas, and the normal everyday student. Cal Middle has Sports programs, such as Track, Soccer, Basketball, Golf, and Softball. California Middle School has been recognized as a California Distinguished School on numerous occasions, past and present. It is situated in the wealthy and upper middle class neighborhood of Land Park, where the students are in safe enviroments near or on school grounds. Its GATE (Gifted And Talented Education) learning program is famous for quality and excellence, with over half of the school population bening member of the program. Overall this school kicks some major ass...
Boss Awesome Elite This Is California Middle School
by CalMiddleJester February 22, 2011
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