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A metaphorical type of permission for non-native born Californians, and/or guests (Tourists) to be in The Great State of California, analogus to a visa stamp one would recieve traveling to another country.

Though not explicitly given, any native born California or group of the same can 'revoke' a Cali Pass for disrespectful behavior toward California, Californian Values, and/or Californians rendering the guest or non-native born Californian persona non grata in California in perpetuity, on pain of violence.

Passes can refer to specific cities, counties, areas by name.
"now DMX got his Cali Pass revoked he can't come out to the West." - Kurupt as quoted in XXL Magazine in 2000.

"What up loc? Get ya L.A. Pass revoked" - Xzibit (to Jermaine Dupree)
by AbbaZabbA619 October 18, 2017
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