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A guy who comes from a happy family, very white cultural origins(which explains why he has such a unique name-yknow that white people naming their kids meme). His family is middle class. He likes basketball. He likes to tease people, and may end up confusing and hurting them from this if they end up falling for him. He likes DAT ASS(, sadly. HAHAHAHAHHA.. ).His eyes are a beautiful color when you see them up close. He attracts a lot of people because he's really funny. However some of he offends some of his friends, so they end up talk sh*t about him behind his back. He's short.
Girl: I think I like Caelev
Friend: He's short though, so maybe his **** is small. Do you care?
Girl: no... I don't.
Friend: WHAT?!
Girl: but he doesn't like me. He likes *********. I can tell. My friends kind of asked him for a tbh on my Snapchat when he was doing them, even though I didn't want to. He pretty much rejected me and responded with "lol ok" after I confirmed I did like him.
Friend: dang what an ass
by jupily June 25, 2018
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