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Cadiz, Ohio is a small appalachain village located between Steubinville and Cambridge Ohio. It's 4 square miles and has only one traffic light (which doesn't even have enough traffic flow to be legal.) Lots of hillbillies live there but they're friendly. Harrison County High School is located there, but it isn't very good. Everyone there uses double negatives and sees deer on a daily basis.

It's common practice for guys to talk about the action they got the previous night in front of girls, as a matter of fact, there is almost no chivalry at all.

When there aren't parties, they just drive around and waste their gas, sit at shell, or go to "shanty town" aka Sally Buffalo's campgrounds.

If you go there and don't know what "shit kickers" are, or if you've never milked a cow, be prepared to be made fun of, even if you know you're smarter than them.

Most of the guys dip, drive a truck and always wear a hat. The girls mostly wear jeans that are too tight, and their boobs always hang out. Both sexes wear american eagle t-shirts when they "go out."
If you go to Cadiz, Ohio you will have to drive 30 minutes to go anywhere, unless you need a dollar store.... they have 3 of them.
by girlfriendofacadizboy September 10, 2009
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Probably the worst town on the planet. Literally named after the spanish city.
god this place sucks...
I live i Cadiz,Ohio i play the banjo and smoke weed all day
by Andrew55555555 July 17, 2008
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