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The name of the predominately black and poorly maintained housing dorms at Northern Illinois University in Dekalb, IL. The word Cabrini comes from the infamous Cabrini Green Housing projects in Chicago, IL. while Grant Towers is the name of a NIU residence hall that is filled with minorities and has a reputation for being violent, dirty, and dangerous. During any given time of the day, you can find blacks loitering around the stair cases and smoking Black N' Milds while blasting their gangsta rap music, much like you would find them doing at the Cabrini Green Housing Projects. Also, most of the people who live in Cabrini Grant are in the chance program, which is a program for stupid or slow learners who get free government money to go to a university. However, they have a really good dining hall there with spectacular food, which many students are willing to risk their lives for to acquire. Additionally, there actually was a drive by shooting there a couple of years ago, if I'm not mistaken.
Are we eating at the Grant Dining Hall tonight? You'd better grab your bullet proof vest and your 9mm for some protection from da' niggaz.
by Sue Me April 27, 2005
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