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Acronym for, California State University, Los Angeles. Located in the eastern part of unincorporated Los Angeles city. To the north of the campus you will find the fancy pants cities of Pasadena and Alhambra, with it's inflated real estate prices and loads of Asians. To the South and East of the campus, are the communities of East L.A., full of cholos and wetbacks. It is situtated on the interchange of the 10 and 710 freeways. It is a commuter campus and even has it's own train station. People attend from all over, from Riverside to San Fernando valley, just to come to CSULA. The average student age is somewhere around 27, where mostly older students try to go back to school while juggling families and jobs. There is not much fun to be had at CSULA in the way of parties. Several fraternities and soroities are found on the campus, however many of their members are about 25ish years old, have been attending CSULA for more than 5 years full time, and never want to graduate because they don't want to leave the fraternity, or worse, move out from under mommy and daddy's nest. CSULA is famous for it's engineering program, nursing, and is the pioneer for Chicano Studies, back in the 1970's. LaRouche hippies and Chicano activists will annoy the shit out of you oustide the library and the bookstore. Hare Krishnas don't mess with you too much. Whenever the military has a booth set up for recruiting there is always a protest by the Chicano activists groups. Many of them are douche bags who are overweight or can't pass the ASVAB is their life depended on it, so they hate on the military. CSULA is mainly Hispanic and Asian, with few blacks and even fewer whites, making whites the minority at the school.
Where do you go to college at?
No, Cal State L.A.
Oh, I never heard of that.
by pandagirl909 August 03, 2008
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