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A way of figuring out what is going to happen in any television show--particularly CSI--because of universal constants of things that just have to happen in the show (read examples). This isn't because of the episode itself, but because of the formula of the show. This includes game shows, dramas, sitcoms, anime and even video games.
"He can't be the bad guy, it's only five minutes into the episode!"

"New person on the team for no reason? He's totally the murderer. Typical CSI logic."

"The main character isn't gonna die, there's still like 500 more episodes left!"

"I knew someone was going to die, because it's the series finale."

"He's not going to win the million dollars, there's only like five minutes left!"

"It's an anime about an MMORPG, the main character has to marry the first female character he meets."
by Ferriswheel31 November 26, 2012
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