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When one or both participants involved in the text conversation are participating in Call of Duty online matches. This conversation is characterized by one to two minute bursts of conversation, immediately followed by 10 to 15 minutes of no response due to that person's involvement in a game. This can be very frustrating to those unfamiliar with the ways of the COD.
Person 1 - "Hey dude how's it goin?"

Person 2 - "Hey man its goin well. What are you up to tonight?"

10 minutes pass

Person 2 - "???"

5 more minutes pass

Person 1 - "Hey man, I was playin COD. Got a chopper gunner and almost a nuke! Ya I'm not sure what I'm up to."

Person 2 - "Ya me too. You need to let me know when you're playin call of duty. Its rude to be COD texting when you start a conversation."
by The Murrdawg May 27, 2011
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