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The act of going into online multiplayer games of 'Call of Duty' and annoying fellow gamers to the point of rage. This involves trapping people in corners, blocking doors/ladders, stealing teammates' care-packages, destroying teammates' equipment, noob-toobing, teamkilling, putting on ridiculous voices and generally being as annoying as possible. The results are then posted on youtube.

In the testosterone soaked world of call of duty, where tempers are short and every pre-pubescent kid and geeky adult act out their dream of SAS/SEAL membership; This is trolling at its finest, as the victim rages down the microphone. It's almost like a hidden camera show, but on a videogame, and with swearing like you'd never believe!
The funniest COD Trolling on Youtube:

weregonnalose- Uses a voice changer to gain a hilariously high pitched, but real-sounding voice. Throws grenades at teammates whilst pretending to be stunned. Acts ignorant/obnoxious. Very underrated and his comedy is excellent. Deserves his own tv show.

General Minus- British troll who kills teammates for camping. Sometimes pretends to be American, French or gay for extra racist reaction and lol's.

Deranker- Noobtoobs. ALOT. And trash-talks.

StraightupKnives: Is actually pretty good with a throwing knife. Annoys the piss out of teammates by blocking their movement and keeping them trapped in corners.

Speedyw03: Traps teammates, trash-talks, embarrasses the enemy team with well thought-out plays like defusing bombs right under their noses. Sometimes relies more on luck than skill.

There are literally hundreds of COD trolls on the internets. Mostly pale imitations of the above, truly funny, directors.
by RSB0nES August 23, 2012
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