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Opposite of a Fox News liberal. Analyst or pundit labeled as "conservative" or Republican by CNN themselves. Meant to show balance of opinion. These talking head do not show the slightest deviation in opinion from their liberal counterparts who also always agree with each other. These "conservatives" agree to anything the host will say. CNN round tables consist of three or more people agreeing, during election nights as many as ten or twelve.

The so-called CNN conservatives are agreeing Al Sharpton or Nancy Pelosi again.
David Gergen agreed with Anderson for 800th time in a row that these Republicans are simply wrong and Obama was brilliant again. He's a CNN conservative.

David Brooks smiled when Piers called him conservative. He went on to praise Barack Obama, Pelosi and ripped every Republican running for office. He said we must support Obama policies. Must be a CNN conservative.
by eldridge cleaver December 31, 2011
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