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The act of atleast 3 members (2 if your flexible) all on hand's and knee's making a circle. All participants then place cheetos into the anus of the person in front of them, then eat them without using their hands. This can be done for pleasure or competition. Pleasure is obvious. Competion is a 30 second race to see who can eat the most cheetos. Multiple cheetos is not only allowed but encouraged. It is said that the man this is named after could take and eat 10 cheetos at the same time.
Mr.Jone, Mr.Tyler, and Mr.Allen were racing. Mr.Jones jumped out to a early lead doubling up on the cheetos. He quickly petered out. Running neck and neck down to the wire. Mr.Tyler squeaked out the victory with a last second push. Making Mr.Tyler the CINCINNATI HOLY COLEY champion.
by 50yen June 22, 2011
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