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Doin' what I like, when I like, for any mutha fuckin' reason I don't even need one...Defining my own world, in my own time, in my own space... Pure to the facts. Livin' large as possible. Maxin' out 'cause the sky is no-longer the limit. Wicked every time. "Totally The Bomb Ass Mutha Fucka!!!" Blazin' Only the biggest baddest ultimate Kahoolies 'nough to Knock a mutha fucka into another dimension, where your fiction is my reality Bitch...Put that in yo pipe an' smoke it! You can't see me!
MAXXXMILLIONZ is truly Chillin' like a Mega-Villain 24/7.
You only live once might as well be doin' whatever the fuck you love doin most, like chillin' like a Mega-Villain!!!
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