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A response that is deliberately used to end a text/verbal conversation.

Typically, millennials will use emoji(s) or other one-word responses as their CE of choice

Older generations are more polite and use CEs such as "Alright, well that's all I have." or "I have to run, but it was great catching up with you!"

The most common CE is "I love you" when talking with a significant other or family member.

Grandma: I was going to win, but then Boras got BINGO first so I lost. I'm really upset.
You: I love you
Grandma: Okay Love you, bye!
'Hang Up
Don't CE (Conversation Ender) me right now, we're still talking!

She ain't interested bro
How do you know?
She just CEd me again

Boy: That's so funny. I can't believe you did that. You're so silly
Girl: Smiley Face
by elmasterking January 03, 2017
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