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A CB rambo is a person who talks on a CB radio and acts like he can kick everyones ass, usually at a truck stop on CB channel 19. a cb rambo also uses a lot of swear words and says things that would make a nun at church cringe! most cb rambo's are complete pussies and just hide in their big truck. they talk "big" mostly because they are compensating for something.
CB rambo - "where you at you son of a bitch? I'm gonna come over there and yank you outta that truck and slap you all over this truckstop"

Driver 1 - "why don't you shut the hell up and go lay your ass down somewhere"

Driver 2 - "why is it that every time we come to this truckstop there's some CB rambo on the radio?"
by Bradley S. January 20, 2010
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