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C.o.D-Reality Separation Disorder (CRSD) is when you make references to the video game Call of Duty in real life.

Symptoms are:
1. At work, you open your bosses briefcase for five seconds, close it, and throw it out the window saying "Bomb defused"
2. When you come home and your dog jumps on you, you instantly snap it's neck.
3. When you hear a siren you yell "TACTICAL NUKE!!! IT'S ALL OVER!!!
4.Whenever you hear a helicopter, you dive under a table and yell "Chopper Gunner!!! I'M FUCKED!!!"
5.You attach a GPS to your little brothers Nerf gun and start searching for enemies.
6. When your friend slips and falls, you run over and take his wallet because you have "Scavenger Pro"
Guy 1: "What's with that guy with the Nerf gun screaming at that helicopter?"

Guy 2: " Ignore him. He has C.o.D-Reality Separation Disorder"
by Gaming-Rocker101 April 17, 2011
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