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By the book faggot refers to people who insist on doing things 'by the book' or properly, in fear of being reprimanded.

This type of person is extremely annoying to all rule breakers out there.

These people often run their day to day lives 'by the book' - having to set out their routine ie. go to work, do the laundry, do an assignment, hand in the assignment, go see their boyfriend, go to work and partying on the weekend. While driving to work they follow every single road rule but because they are society faggots and 'by the book faggots' they go slow thus, they should stick to the left lane; however this is NOT done because they are ignorant people. This is VERY annoying for the rule breakers who want to get by them!

These people are closely related to society faggots.
I hate how that bitch is such a goodie goodie.. she's such a 'by the book faggot'.
by andyboiiiiiii November 04, 2007
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