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What you can call a tottal stranger, weirdo, E-Tard, sketch ball who abruptly kills any good time. Commonly seen using his most favorite buzz kill move, tickling random girls below the belt, and severely frightening them.
Ian: Hey! wanna peanut butter cracker sandwich!

Weirdo: YA!!!! If i could figure out what peanut-butter is slang for i would probably buy some??

Hott Slut: Its not slang its peanut-butter! it'll give ya energry!

Weirdo: Hey there!.. are ya ticklish, " grabbing at inner thigh through car window."

Ian: WoW! relax Buzzkill lightyear why don't you come find out if I'm ticklish.

Weirdo: duh. I had ta?

Hott slut in back seat: What a fucking Jabroni!
by therealpdaddy October 24, 2011
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