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To indicate a level of intoxication well beyond buzzed (aka moderately intoxicated), but several drinks (assuming an aggressive pace) short of being unaware nor rightly held responsible for inadvertently passing out and falling through the plate glass shower door to the horror of your husband and children or similar situations involving commonly overlooked "death traps" present in most households.

A reference point indicating you like to party and make no apologies for doing so, typically in cavalier fashion unaware or indifferent to being labeled obtuse, if not off-putting; when you become one with the party and, as it courses through you, exhibit confidence that is not consistent with overall relevance and credibility.

The point at which high level of confidence become blinding; when carrying seemingly simple and "genius" plans that may prove debatable are encouraged.
Baby, seriously- please stop saying that. I'm NOT completely wasted? I already told you I'm a little "buzzed up" from a celebration in the office. Is feeling a little loose a federal offense, again. Damn. . zzzzzzzzzzzz . . . Huh, lipstick on my boxers, what? That's outrageous. Just go back to sleep. . . .... I said give me those. Seriously.
by Jerriam-Web$ter's August 24, 2010
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