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A modern day sport usually played the in the early hours after a night on the town with peter pan in neverneverland! Theres never a time or a date set for such events, u just know when its time to go butterfly lamping. Equipment for this sport can vary drastically, the key point here is, more is better, but a good rummage around the kitchen and garage shouldnt see u stuck for protection against the little rascals! But the one downside is tryin to escape the watchful eye of the butterfly keepers!!
(peering through the curtains)
'He looks ridulous!!, Who is he and what is he doin up and dressed like that at this time in the morning?'
"Ah thats just someone whos goin to do some butterfly lamping, It's when you lamp specialist butterfly's for about 14yrs and catch them in a net!"
by theLamper March 05, 2012
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