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A man on man sexual act committed by one typically wearing bedazzled jeans and frosted tips involving another usually wearing an affliction shirt laying on his back flat with his boner turned on. The self claiming "cuck liberal" hovers over the soy guzzling liberals cock and eventually clinches onto his floppy fuck stick trying to lift him off the ground with pure strength of anus. Usually committed in such places as new York, San Francisco and scottsdale.
Guy 1- where's the men's bathroom At?
Guy 2- you don't want to know, there's a butt tug marathon and you can't handle it.
by No name nixon February 12, 2018
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A game played by two individuals (usually bored Navy Sailors) involving a 12 inch standard wooden ruler. The participants drop their pants and stand butt to butt. They then each insert the opposing ends of the ruler into the crack of their ass and clench butt cheeks firmly. The participants then shuffle away from each other while trying to retain possession of the ruler. The person who retains possession of the ruler by clenching and shuffling wins that round of Butt Tug.
"Man my ass is so firm from getting ready for the Butt Tug championships next weekend."
by godadone January 11, 2012
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