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Little dried up pieces of toilet paper remnant from wiping ass. Mainly found when they fall out into underwear or in a bed. These remnants are damp and rolled up into little strips from wiping, once dry they resemble dry or uncooked rice. More are made the hairier the ass crack is. Sometimes seen or referred to as Dirty Butt Rice which is when the remnant paper has been stained light brown from fecal mater on it.
That bitch is nasty, while she was in the kitchen I was getting in her bed and I found butt rice between the sheets.
by Chuck G January 27, 2008
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Butt Rice is a segment from a parasitic worm that crawls out of a feline's rectum. The segment of worm breaks off and crawls out of the cat's ass. The segment is white and resembles a piece of moving rice.
My cat had worms really bad and kept dropping butt rice on my table.
by sqitso August 30, 2010
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