When you put two hands, palms together, in someones asshole and wiggle your fingers back and forth interlocking. It looks like a pineapple.
Penelope thought Harold deserved a butt pineapple last night. It was a good way to shut him up
by HaroldPenelope February 4, 2011
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A person whos face looks like an ass but a pinnaple at the same time
Wow look at katie over there! she really looks like a Butt Face Pineapple!
by blairry October 26, 2009
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After taking a large poop, the act of not wiping and allowing the poop to dry and get crusty, followed by the sensation of having the top of a pineapple in your asshole is known as pineapple butt.
Man, Chipotle was out of toilet paper. When I got home, I had a bad case of pineapple butt

I started to bleed from wiping but still had shit to remove. Two hours later, I had wicked Pineapple Butt.
by johnny pineappleass November 2, 2012
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