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A butt cuff is the lower part of your butt cheeks that curves under and connects to the thighs. It can also be know as the cuff of your butt.
The sun doesn't shine on your butt cuff when tanning. If you life up your butt cheeks there will be a distinctly lighter line where the cuff meets the thigh.
by MahoneySucks October 08, 2011
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1.) When a girl is walking and you notice her butt looks like a sasauge wrapped in rubber bands because her underwear is so tight it cuts off circulation.
2.) When a girl's underwear and pants are so tight that it gives the effect of four cheeks instead of two.
3.) When you are walking behind a girl and you find yourself staring at her cottage chess ass because of the panty line that you can clearly through her thin sweat pants.
Jane: Omg Tom look at that girls tacky panty line!
Tom: Oh man thats a mean butt cuff.
Jane: A what.
Tom: A butt cuff.

Aw man ever I gained 20 pounds my old panties give me a butt cuff.
by evap May 03, 2009
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Some faggot who sticks to your ass all day and is one annoying piece of shit. No matter how hard of a hint you drop he'll never go away.
First Faggot: Man, that Habib is such a buttcuff he won't leave me alone!
Second Faggot (has a smaller penis): That's okay, I want him to love me.
First Faggot: You fag! You fist yourself all day!
Second Faggot:.....I do. *sniffs*
by Hugh G. Reckshun May 14, 2008
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