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A Butt Commando is a homosexual male that sneaks up behind heterosexual men and sneakily pulls their pants down forcing their cock inside their anus. After a man has been the victim of sexual harassment by a butt commando they are scarred for life and tend to wear tighter pants.
Man 1: Dude you won't believe this but I saw a short, sneaky, butt commando in the street the other day.
Man 2: Woah man did he sneak up on anyone?
Man 1: Yeah he sneaked up on this muscular business man and pulled down his pants whilst the dude was on the phone and managed to penetrate the dude's ass for a few seconds before he noticed.
Man 2: What did he do after?
Man 1: He just turned around and ran away fast.
Man 2: What a Butt Commando.
by goldenfinch January 04, 2014
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