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A rear entry sex technique. As orgasm is imminent, the male partner withdraws his penis and places it between his female partner's buttock cheeks; his final thrusts precipitate ejaculation, potentially propelling his semen the length of her back, and in certain circumstances, as far as her neck and shoulders.
Tammy-Jo: "Hey Charlotte, you've got some sun cream on your shoulder and a little bit in your hair, shall I rub it in for you before we get in the pool?"

Charlotte: "Oh no! That's not sun cream - Harry was showing off his butt crack cannon in the changing room! He's been in Pittsburgh all week and needed to unload his sack!"

Tammy-Jo: "Charlotte Pughman, do you have to be so blatant? I really don't want that image in my mind over the weekend."

Harry: (shouts) "Come in guys, the temperature's great!"

Charlotte: "Sure Harry, but first you have to wipe off this excess .... sun cream ..."
by Katie4eyes August 05, 2018
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