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bu-sim (*up) Verb
beat, beat-en, or beat, beat-ing

1. To strike violently/frocefully repeatedly

2. To break, or make blows.

3. To produce (an attitued, idea, habbit, et.) by repeated efforts.

4. Slang. to swindle; cheat (often fol. by out)

A slang term started by the rap group Three 6 Mafia, (formerly Triple 6 Mafia; consisting of Juicy "Jordan Michael Houston" J, DJ "Paul Beauregard" Paul, and Lord "Ricky Dunigan" Infamous") in the early 90's, the phrase "Bussem up!" is now sweeping the nation, being spit out of mouths everywhere from north to south.

*word "Up" is sometimes optional!
1. "Dos niggas who stole our slangin' corner? Yeah, we bussem up real bad! Dos niggas won't be walkin' fo da next fo, five days!"

2. To buss their heads into walls.

3. "I'll buss some sense into that boy if he don't stop wit dat attitude!"

4. "He buss dat honkey fo one hundred bones! What a scam!"
by westsideT-Nasty September 28, 2008
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