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The Epitome of the Idle, Cock Sure Useless Manager's within the IT Industry. Abilties include a total lack of knowledge of the architecture they are supporting, sitting comfortably with a high degree of arrogance and total lack of respect for the people actually doing the required work. Recognizable by the total lack of any pro-active abilties, often identifiable by the fact they only appear when an issue occurs for the customer they look after, and thereafter show the "Follow the Ball" syndrome until some poor bastard end up with the thankless task of sorting out the problem. They will then set up camp behind said person, haranguing the person with inane stupid questions until
a) Problem is resolved
b) Resolver cannot take anymore and guns down entire office with a AK 47 .
Sometimes know under the guise of Partner Services Manager or Service Delivery Manager
"Hey Jack, theres a High Priority Case Just been raised"

"Shit, Head's Down, there's a BRM turned up and he looks like he's up for a ball chasing session"

BRM: Business Relationship Manager
by Rockaroundtheclock1972 November 22, 2009
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