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The Burt Job was made famous by late-80's amateur skier Andrew Burt and is widely known to most depressed boyfriends as simply, "a hand job through the pants". This is the only form of stimulation for men whose significant others refuse to touch their genitals. Unfortunately for him, Andrew Burt's girlfriend was notorious for only going as far as "the hand job in the pants" and therefore, the moniker was taken after his last name. This maneuver is also common amongst middle schoolers, as well as young high school aged girls who are scared of touching that certain member, or just don't want to be dubbed a slut.
"Hey bro, I heard you hooked up with Jenn last night, did she give you a handyman?"

"Naw dude, I just got a Burt Job. I'm chafing hardcore."
by Shitpants814 February 20, 2010
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