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A small leafy western suburb of Chicago where people come to live the American dream and think they are better than you. However, there is a lower middle class section of this town, right next to the sound wall, or great wall or Burr Ridge. This area is referred to- by the snobby as 'the ghetto of Burr Ridge.

Burr Ridge was originally farming land for convicts to fill out community service and repay there debt to society

The only semi-fun place in Burr Ridge is the town center, where everything is ridiculously over priced. This is Ironic because it is actually quite close to the more middle class Burr Ridge region

The only other place to go would be Salerno's, to get overpriced food that someone probably spat in because you yelled at them for getting your order wrong the 1st 11 times.

Now you know all about Burr Ridge

Oh also, we have a clock tower.

Just thought you would like to know.

Oh one last thing-All the rich kids get some crazy idea that there black and live in the ghetto...
Rich white kid 1: You, dawg. Lets go to the towncenter and get some crack. That place is crawling with crime, for shizzle.

Rich white kid 2: Nah, I dont think so, dog. To dangerous, for shizzle. Were in the Ghetto of Burr Ridge, boy.

Lower Middle Class Kid: I hope a black person sees and then shoots you
by Seamus Coughlin March 29, 2009
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