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An act in which a person offers random ideas that may somehow be related to a situation, however unlikely, in an effort to stumble upon a good idea. Similar to brainstorming, but when unexpected or unnecessary. Although either the entire phrase or the truncated version is acceptable, the entire is better used in an explanatory sense after a random statement is made.

Derived from the law of averages and the concept that if one looked at enough pieces of burnt toast, eventually one would find toast that appeared to have Jesus on it (or any other object or fictional character said observer desired)
1. Yeah, I know it was random, but I was just burning some toast (looking for Jesus).

2. I'm just burning some toast (looking for Jesus) here, but has anybody considered making a pizza out of a pancake, syrup, hash browns, bacon and sausage? (in this case it might be advisable to drop the clarifying clause for brevity)
by Gregorium Brahek III August 07, 2010
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